sex violence and isolation in society are not an accident but also are not the product of any individual or group with supreme power. the power of an individual or subgroup to control population on a large scale no longer exists as it did during the world wars and the beginning of the cold war. with the proliferation of networked communication tools the power to control the masses through propaganda has obviously had many layers of complexity added to it. It is no longer possible to achieve predictable control by simply burning down the library and distributing new books or taking over the air waves with high flying bombers playing dis-information slogans in the local language. While it is still part of the process for these type of strategies to take place, there are many other factor that contribute to any individuals perspective.
When citing the correlation between sex and violence in the mainstream media and the rise in violent crime in the United States, it is not possible to conclude that if the channels of media distribution were banned from broadcasting those types of materials that there would also be a decrease in the rate of violent crimes in the general population. For various reasons there is a latency between the demand for what is considered desirable content and the rate at which it can be produced / distributed. If we look back 50 years we can see that the time is takes demand for a particular type of content to develop in a general audience more closely matched the time it took to produce / distribute that particular brand of content. This is no longer true, the latency in our cultural tastes are still much the same but the time required for production and distribution has been reduced to almost nothing. Add to this the fact that the financial barrier to entry in the production and distribution of media on a global scale has also been reduced to almost nothing. So if there were a ban on any type of content that also happens to be in demand at the moment, there would be necessarily be a ‘black’ market developed almost simultaneously to meet the demand. This is illustrated by the constant copyright battles between TV studios and YouTube users. A show goes on the air, and is simultaneously published on YouTube. The studio has YouTube take it down, and someone else puts it back up. This is required by the mechanics of capitalism. So what we arrive at is a situation where control over the production and distribution of media is still the primary means of control over the general population but we now add to that two important factors. One is that control is now only possible by consensus of the whole working together as a connected system rather than a deliberately organized affiliation trying to override the majority, and secondly that media not just information but also communication. Since the channels of distribution are no longer one way streams, the particular aspects of communication are just as important if not more important than the information being communicated. Since distribution is no longer one way there is no possible way to predictably control the actual information being communicated or to whom it is being communicated to. These factors ultimately add up to a situation where WE as a machine are the only entity who may be in control of the general population to an effective extent.