I overheard someone in the other room reading something called The Immeasurable Dignity of Temporal Suffering I don’t know who wrote it but I do know that it comes from the middle ages. I tried to write down everything that I could while the person in the other room was reading. Here is a transcript. It should be good as the original.
Tell me now tender lord what this suffering is what thou thinkest. Every kind of suffering is a virtue of necessity. Willing accept this. Rite id down in the bottom of your heart. The pure soul of paradise. Attach your self to you very nature. You are inclined to thorns. Adversity weather you like it or not. Set foot in your hearts desire. All hearts are one heart. At least reward eternal order in all nature. What is presence and good? Recoil if you want to recoil. Provided that it be without measure. All hidden thins in number in measure are holey beyond my strength. Ordinary suffering are any such as extraordinary such as these. Perfectly understand every sick mans personal suffering is the worst. Without expecting this dost thou not know that the eternal wisdom knows what’s best? Penetrate deeper. All self-chosen suffering. Address me as follow. Oho lord it is so easy to talk. The eternal wisdom gave you pain. Suffering is a shot pain and a long joy. Suffering is ordained suffering can be ordained heavenly delighted with the divine dew. I should not have to thank thee so much. Suffer for my sake. In the midst of a great delight. If thou has as much science as the astronomers. All the toughness of angels all the knowledge as master is not as good as total abandonment in pure suffering. If anyone should lie in a furnace for 100 tears this has an end. All sweet and dear lords. What a suffering mortal I should be glad to suffer. The eternal wisdom a god suffering man. Suffering is an infinite honor. Suffering makes a man in my sight worthy of my love. Kneel before me a hundred years begging for my love. Lessen my delight. Show my self a friend. The nearest way the shortest way is suffering. The profoundest sleep a good life how many an untamed bird. Constant suffering will shut you up. Suffering is your foundation has faith in your neighbor there is no man living who derives good from suffering. On the eve on destruction of on the summit of perfection. Suffering takes away sin it renovates the sprit a wholesome beverage. I nourishes the noble should. Blooms by suffering the wise mind and an experienced. Suffering is experience rot. He who is always cheerful in suffering. The gnashing teeth the meekness of the powerless. Never leave your friends without suffering. The wonder of the entire host of heaven the man who suffers well all the saints are on the side of the suffering man. The wholesome beverage. The performing of miracles. Suffering makes us company with the martyrs. The garments of rose color. A young maidens necklace. She sings with sweet voice they never knew suffering. Before me they knew the suffering though art the eternal wisdom. Know one doubts it any longer. All suffering in future must be full of joy for me. So very great. What is the look at thee the delight of my eyes? Thou have disciplined me the sweet fall of dew in May. Sorrow and trouble. Prey to play on the harp to her. It would not have been priestly. The brother should begin to write on suffering. Chapter three. The exterior man. Eternal wisdom. The love for all mankind. My bright eyes. My scoffing and blasphemy. The earth cannot afford me any rest. Pure pollution. Completion faded. Withered entirely away. The servant. The heavenly spirits. Delicious acutance. The tears of my heart. The beautiful eyes. Fully relieve my heart lamentation. The heart over thee. Weep from thee from thy very hearts may I shed the tears of all eyes. How near to my heart those woeful passionate eyes. Unconcerned to perishable love. Always be will me. Shed tears for weeping over my torments. Tears are agreeable to me. A weeping sorrow. Teach me how to renounce thy pleasure. Seek all that suffer. Desire contempt. Great stains of thy evil leads. Desire contempt mortifies the passions and die to all thy lusts. The open extended book. The utmost. Taking down from the cross. Come to an end sorrowful compassion. All the strength of my tender heart. Motherly loves presses me to my bloody cheeks. My only love elect. The fresh bleeding looks. Take my tender child on to my lap and look at him. My eyes shed may tears choked by grief. My only consolation. Where is now the joy I experience on my birth. Oh anguish. Truly everything is transformed. How am I so short of thy love? Many such words of lamentation of my heart with this wisdom. Snatch him away from us to the grave. Find some pleasure.