There’s something in the idea of static contemplation. Not evolving but rather resolving. Digesting ground already covered. Making sense of what has already happened. Constantly seeking out more and more information / stimulation without first making sense and order of the information already acquired is wasteful. Seeking out constantly more and yet with an ability so weak so underdeveloped that is difficult to absorb hardly anything at all. Running away. The end goal and the many paths to it are the same thing. All that’s left is to realize what has been experienced so far. Endless streams of information bombard each one of us on a constant basis. moment to moment. To absorb even a fraction of the total stream would be enough to cause a catastrophic emotional failure. Just a taste is enough for stimulation. Even in a deprivation chamber our minds eye radiates latent stimulation. Enough in one minute to last a lifetime. The artistry lies in the edit and selection of information. Careful selection. Interpretation. Organization. Openness to context and historical references. General purposes not to be ignored. We could all lay around all day in wanting. Dependency on precedence. Enslaved by generic aimless prerequisites. what for? You can say what you want. we are where we want to be whenever we want to. Here is every where anytime. And it really doesn’t matter for or against. Change to suit your fancy. Exclusively temporally one to infinite purposeless worthlessness. You can say what you want to. There really is no other where than here and not even here really. Say what you want to. Home is where the heart is.