If people were not able to be informed on what other people were thinking how would they think differently?

When people have the feeling that they know how other people are feeling, are they really feeling what other people are feeling or are they all feeling the need to know what other people are feeling that in itself manifests as something else all together?

If that is the case, this other feeling, the feeling of needing to know what other people are feeling and the fact that that feeling in itself is another feeling all together, is that feeling a product of the individual or of the group that the individual is trying to relate to?

Is it possible for a group to have a feeling that is not a product of the aggregate feelings of the individuals that make up that group?

If there were a group that had once had the perception that they knew how other people in that group were feeling, how would they act differently if they were suddenly cut off from the ability to feel that they know how others were felling when compared with another group that has never had the felling that they know how other people in their group are feeling?