New digital art that you haven’t seen before. The ability to distribute art made with code. A pretty bright concept. College art teachers don’t want to play second fiddle to the painter. Submit work that’s been made for the context of live cinema. And I’m the one who’s going to hook them up. You think of cloaking software. You like Lord of the Rings. Douche Bag.

It has more to do with market than art world. I’m unclear of any difference there may be in that. Sony backs down. Lets go to my favorite bar in china town. A reduction of code. Manifestation of Lo-Tech pixel vision. After the fact now basically a really great trace of new technology more high fidelity bows down to clunky glitchy primal screen. But there’s always things going on. Information and the world and this whole coding thing that were talking about. Art should be beautiful quote unquote. But what about these machines? Who’s father was in the works of art in the ages of mechanical reproduction, distribution, user ship? Bit Torrent was invented by the government to protect the government in case of war. What about the idea of media becoming new? The media frenzy with the discovery of the daguerreotype. No one cares about the programmable loom. The analytical machine. The problem of computers is that they didn’t have the capability to support images. Celluloid film, peanut butter film, binary data and it always stays. Digital format goes into society. Creators use ready-made projection, things like menus and filters, catalogues interactive content. The author of a website pre-made by somebody else creating interactive content. Co-authors and I don’t know technically yes but I don’t really know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. There is real time autonomy within predefined parameters I started making art in a computer and I forgot about the fact that there is a reality where apple-z doesn’t exist. There was a rhythm now worthless rhythm. Punching holes in celluloid to create a script. The holes don’t care where they are it’s all so poetically beautiful making very clear it didn’t come out of no where. Ex-nihilio is a no-no. you could never get it quite right. And talk about the DJ. I have trouble with the idea of being a DJ. But you should get over it because it’s a metaphor not a lifestyle. Every pixel on the My Space. Benjamin’s dream is that people make a book made entirely of quotes. If everyone were a DJ then you wouldn’t want any superstars. New is an idea just like art. You’re never going to put your hand through it. The fact that you’re born into something means that you’re an article of plagiarism. Copyright the word plagiarism. The call for lofty claims. We believe in a call for an open cultural database. There’s the connection necessarily: Duchamp. There’s the discussion: the ready-made. Within any one piece of text there are ideas that may be reused and interpreted differently. No work of art can ever exhaust itself within itself. Even the reproduction of the world happens over and over differently by everyone all the time. The camera is a cheater when it forgets smell and temperature. I am a camera and all I’m waiting for is a USB port to download my database. What is a valuable and good art? Eternal ideology forever in place all this is construction. Why don’t we go play text? Or musical text in the ease of the DJs. Whatever there’s the kind of loss in the weight of the world. Speed up the production and distribution of the knowledge and information when there was an idea of truth knowledge information and truth only information is absolute. Hypertext and samples are the mischievous rascals of our principalities. It’s a function of the technology. A link, in a way a foot note, a marginal note. Only easier hypertext comes from before 1945. The Mimex, a very early computer. Writing doesn’t have to be sequential. The idea of the link on the web all English literature. Not everybody has computers by the way. I don’t think we should forget that by the way. Ted Neilson. The idea of the hypertext. Given this technology what I’m trying to say is let’s point towards the potential of computer based writing which exceeds the limits of personally based writing. Like wikipedia. It’s only as accurate as the people want it to be. Is the history of art some notion of being closer to god? Well not every one thinks that way but anyway thanks for the discussion. Trace back the days of the computer. That was way down the line. The background of digital time based media animation to film and back to animation lets start a think tank, bring artists along. Computation and crunch a bunch of numbers. Computer animation. Computer computer. Computer poem about before there were personal computers unknowability a missile murdered six people photographed by a camera drone blowup the pixels and pretend it means something. The computers ability to apply for residency at the dump. Somebody was making a film and she produced this other kind of thing by taking strips of film and reworking the photography of the self-created narratives. Pretty interesting. Lets speculate the archive. You’re moving through space in this environment and your using your voice to manipulate your environment. Here is play station. It’s a recording of how you record your game play. Pretty scary if you ask me. Wicked awesome tangible interface a flexible plush toy with embedded sensors who could we possibly pretend to be. This is definitely a reality. You have to program people to recognize zip codes. The ability to ask for things exists for some reason for some people in a nonverbal way. Certain things in technology are a representation of real three-dimensional world that exists on a flat screen. Where do ideas come from? Do they drop out of the skies? The width, depth, and breadth of the human experience is coded live presence of break it down. Chairman Mao meets Bill Gates under the construct of a seven bit binary code that’s all for less. Were moving through video and or animation. Fix up your game boy camera. The Lord of the Ring tones. Thanks very much for staying late. You can do what ever you want. Would you rather write a paper or make a work of art? I have a beautiful body and I’m going to do a strip tease and I’m going to toss and turn all night long, I’m not telling you what to do but I’m just making a suggestion. I’m trying to help you. It’s my first because of you. Because of this class. What is the point of this class? Hopefully were learning something I want to learn about etch-a-sketch animation artistic and creative agency.

Keep your eyes on your coin Sir and it will be returned to you as your key.
Just an actor playing the part of a magician. This is about trickery, about fraud, almost any story is based on lies, and everybody wants to eat. 60 personalities. As much stories as there were lies. Who was the first man to buy a fake? Hottie, 12:00 what do you got Preston? Every man has to stop and watch when a beautiful woman walks by. This is a sequence on the fine out door sport of girl watching. Acting away like crazy for us without getting paid for it. Blissful ignorance of the facts about some of the various fakers. Enough of the truth; we would like to ask you a few questions. These two have made each other famous. A certain respect in America is becoming too difficult. Swear to go in daily dread 55 million dollars worth of forgeries. A fake is a fake. Who is known as the greatest art faker in the world? Hang a painting in a museum and if it hangs there long enough it becomes real. Stage center. A super star. A man who holds the art world to ransom. Elmyr is a profound embarrassment to them all. The story about a man of talent for taking the Mickey out of those who rejected him. I’m afraid that he doesn’t exist again. He was writing fiction and it wasn’t selling very well. What’s new? The experts. They pretend to know but they only know very superciliously. Elmyr as the great faker of the twentieth century becomes a modern folk hero. He exposes the crookedness and the evilness of the art dealers. I lost my faith in the concept of the expert. I had to hesitate to make it more Matisse like. One nod from an expert and that canvas would be worth 100,000 dollars. A devil whispered behind the leaves, “The value relies on opinion, opinion on the experts, and Elmyr fools them all. So who are the experts?” Put a brave face on it and throw another party. Secret meetings on top of pyramids. Smoggy midnight minions. Just precisely there: a small and carefully packaged ham sandwich. All through the long years more than one has worn instead of shoes, a pair of Kleenex boxes on their feet and walked endless down the shoulder of interstate five. If he broke his silence would we cry for help? Elmyr, Fake! Is that the voice of the real Howard Hughes? Con man of the year, maybe he was just as cool as he acts. The idea should not exist! Not one single expert should decide what is right. What happened to those drawings? A nice security in a bank ward. Master of art and truth doesn’t think of himself as a criminal. Yes its me. I am the great art forger of the 20th century. It’s pretty but is it rare? An awful lot of oysters, not a lot of pearls. Speaking of charm, painting fake masterpieces he was a certain charlatan. Would you sell it? Who could have resisted? To make an omelet you have to first steal an egg. I do think art dealers are crooked. Oh no, that’s a complete fabrication. It’s terribly convenient what I’m doing here. It’s a Picasso. He gave you a false check. Take this away and bring me a steak. 10,000,000; 2,000,000 dollars; pounds. Even that fancy house of his isn’t really his. It was even that roof of the house doesn’t belong to me. A little bit of luck and a dash of larceny. Buy a donkey and a cart and go traveling. Make art. Run out of paint and money. The career is at the crossroads. Begin at the top and work your way down. My next forgery is by flying saucer. The great days of radio. TV would have shown us up. People took to the hills. Spend a week trying to get some of the refugees back into civilization. Try to take a position just for the shame of it. I shouldn’t complain, I didn’t go to jail. That original concept may have been fun. If I would have been the first or last to impersonate Mr. Hughes. Maybe he was a looser after all. Is he winning now? Germ free air-conditioned solitude. He’s nudging the Martians for the championship title. Hughes himself was known to use doubles. The magazines’ nomination for conman of the year was depending on a phone call. He’s told so many stories about himself year after year at this point he believes it. Selling fakes all over the world. Day to day, crook to crook. Why do people travel? I don’t know. Because the police were after him. Hemmingway wrote a great short story about a bullfighter called the undefeated. These are drawings that I made while in prison. And what do you do when you get out? Throw another party. Spanish prince. Hungarian connection. As long as there are fakers there will have to be experts to expose them. But if there weren’t any experts would there be any fakers? That’s a very important matter. Of course they were signed. Hang them in a museum among great masterpieces and if they hang there long enough they become real. Ours is a universe that is disposable. What will mark where we’ve been? Everything must fall to the great universal ash. Go on singing. Maybe a man’s name doesn’t matter all that much. A true enactment in recent history, the movement of the hand transformed into gold. Cocktail time. Dinnertime. Anytime. Week after week. No escaping from Picasso. Was he tempted? Perhaps he was inspired. Picasso was a fast worker. The results were useful. Twenty-two large portraits. Money. Paris fog bound this time of year. An invader could take the city by telephone. None of those portraits were ever to be sold. The terrible incandescence of Picasso’s rage. He had painted not one single canvas. Your grandfather is a crook. You have so many names that you forget your own. He accused your grandfather of arrogance. Am I not my self one of the great painters of the 20th century? No. Do you think I should confess to committing masterpieces? Before I die, I must believe that art is real. You move so easily from one period to the next. Like one art forger to the next. Is re-enactment really the word for it? With a story this hard to believe; re-enactment isn’t easy. What we professional liars hope to serve is art, because art is a lie. I was looking for you all day today. I’ll give you a dollar if you let me suck on your titties. My mom wont let me have boyfriends. You just look so fucking good. You guys are dykes right. It’s no big deal. Suck her tittie. I don’t want to kiss you why you gotta be like that? Fuck you. I say we skinny-dipping. It will be fun I promise. Club shit gets boring, my name is shy. Hi shy, it’s a special. Amazing sexual exploitation they look like horn balls from Jersey City on ecstasy feeling the effectasy. Don’t you know tricks are for kids?

It’s important to note in terms of generational loss. That is to say she did the same thing she did last week, she split her ego. Since we’re talking about young video it’s really about young women. Make videotape; send it to Videola in Portland, totally outside of the commercial scene. Like what we got going on with bit torrent. The re-use of video material. I listed the article twice. It’s no problem, closed circuit performance thing. Ant farm and all that. It’s just a different kind of direction where the information comes from and where the information goes. Putting focus on rewrite of history book. Comment on list of people who comes to the round table. What their perspective with that time period. Were just trying to see how history was written. It’s still the question and answer part. There will be a lot of stuff, coffee and doughnuts, talk a little about abstract expressionism. Look at the gesture and the forms, if you’re interested. What were going to do is reiterate two installations be Margot Lovejoy. It has to do with domestic abuse. A list of the stuff that we get from media about how we react to terrorist attacks. Media Burn. Let me quote from our 10/70 catalogues. The Portapak was a dominant tool for all. Camera monitor re-scan. Horizontal hold intentionally mal-adjusted. Early Sony. Tweaking magnates and controls back in the back end. Sitting at the controls the video operator makes adjustments on the fly to create live electronic abstractions dance in saturated color fields to the sound of a synthetic melody. Our idea here has been the simulation of reality. Think tanks and cheap loft apartments. Get yourself into some experiments. There are some things about it that are pretty interesting. One of the first video synthesizers. The video piano. The music of today. Sex is a main theme. Why do these things? TV bra, TV glasses. Global groove. Rock, rock, rock until the broad day light. Chimes ring five six and seven. Rock around the clock tonight. I make cello sounds with it. Is this a joke only now or was it a joke back then? The public did not respond in a very positive way. What can we do with this new medium? Make a new art. The global groove. That was my first exposure of it as a kid. I agree put it on all stations all the time. I don’t want to separate TV and video art. The networks are diversified. Get kids and video, technophile. In an effort to be hip you have to get wired. There’s a pop element in here. Abstract expressionism is the opposite. Ray Johnston never got into video; Charlotte Morgan was an extremely interesting person, no to put Sweeny down. Live performance is not a dead end. New Genera is performance video. Violin Dragging. This looks like 16mm film. You can see a little hair on the gait there. Flowers and grass close up shot, man in a pea coat dragging a violin by a leash in 1978. Man sucking toes of a naked woman. Stomp on mans head while he bangs on the keys of the piano. These are names that you should know. He was an early visionary. Take the instrument out into nature. Vasulka started the Kitchen in NYC. It became a nexus, a hot spot, and a center. Who was there last July? Miranda July! People were in there homes the actual apparatus itself, west coast psychedelic. The signal could be controlled people are really interested in the technical things. Just so you know. Famously wrote a book. About the high plateau. Expanded cinema. The multi screen is very typical of west coast cinema. Everything is everything. Re-recording made it possible. Kind of informative, RE-scanning that’s the level that it was at in the video hacking scene. Copy write makes me throw up. Morels good or bad doesn’t matter to me, art is never fixed. It has to do with being engaged with large media impact. You can get access just by walking in. Book ends as a way of working. Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot Kennedy. Now we’re going to pick up where we left off in the late 60’s. This is for, what it’s worth, transformation Wonder Woman. Forceful exciting cut up. Drawing from television with pop art. The ambivalent exploitation of the Super Womanhood or a joyful loving embrace with a little bit of irony mixed in. Hideous disco, contemporary from now on? You don’t even have video art anymore. There was a period where video was taught as a self-contained discipline. This completely exploded my mind when I first saw it and it still holds up today. You see one thing with the left eye and another scene with your right eye. The 80’s breed of California painter: how about some we have some text in the painting itself. Strip away the body of one movie and we just see it described so on and so forth. What can be seen and what can’t be seen. Most of life is not visual. She describes ghosts sometimes some of her work is just text, just lists of things. Comparing two narratives and seeing how they rhyme. Over and over and over again. Create this other thing that takes away the spectacle. A survey of video collage. The explosions, it’s spectacular. Sometimes she just goes to blue. Real life is more like that. Amazingly like that. Deal simultaneously not just from sitting in front of the TV with a comic book chick. A pair of things coincidentally happen. Read the names, it’s a deconstruction. Animal Charm! It’s a health slap in the face; how stupid television programming can be. More about the idea of TV as a resource that is available fro all. Blow on it goddamn it! One more time, well OK I’m sorry to say we’re going to have to take a break right now. He was recording the broadcast from the field he was in his studio with Big Macs and nine satellite dishes. So that’s what spin is. I’m just throwing these two things at you simultaneously and you’re just going to have to deal with it. Paper Tiger. Activist video. This is a kind of show. A how to. A sort of primer. This is a video journal. In this country, where do you read? It’s extremely important in terms of TV and Video. The first video transmission was an image of Felix the cat. Well there you go. So here we go. You don’t have to see all of this work. People have a new idea of media. Gadgetry and wizardry. How ever, after a while pure abstraction isn’t enough. This film made a big splash. It got behind the scene. This is a great deconstruction of the television apparatus. Another way of working through a video component. A parody of rock and rollers. The get on stage and perform. Totally hilarious preformative mode. Big screen version. This is what I was talking about last week when I was talking about mortality making fun of the speed up but anyway this is the issue; I was really thinking there was some strong work there. This is very famous because you don’t. It’s irresistible. It’s uncanny. It takes the monstrous people and reveals them as monsters. It evokes this idea as hypnosis and saps the intellect out of me. The paragon of this idea. It’s only a part of this idea. His problem is basically is that he just watches too much TV. Again much easier now with computers storing everything strait to disk. When guns are outlawed only actors will have guns. Creative geography. What is creative geography? If I go out this door and I want to be in France well there’s a shot of Paris France right there. Continuity and line of sight. The same shot the same piece deliberate project to mix the real with the fiction. It’s developmental. Just so you know. There are other ways that information could be presented to us. That the way I think he could argue. The argument against virtual reality. And this is just analogue. Machine to machine cutting. Well I want to see someone get killed. It’s an important work. What degree has news turned into satisfying storytelling? Omega man. Pretty clever. There’s only one more piece. A strand of one billion. He did this thing at the beginning of the war. Is this a critique? I don’t think it is. The totalizing effect. Its kind of crafty the new music and sampling of video; I’m sorry but it’s a little late.

This represents some kind of turning point. Much more electronic than cellular. We try to narrate the history of video art. I’ll have to sum up those points later. It’s hard to discern when video started. It’s sort of a small footnote. You’ve all seen them; you know what they look like. Cutting edge used to be radar. They would actually point to early TV. The tubes in early video cameras were not as responsive. Now things are so delicate it was really a freaky look. TV is a communication tool. We theorize about TV. It is very deep. It is an idiot’s guide. I think it will be valuable because of cyberspace. COSMIC MEDIA coming out of comparative literature. So I created a cheat sheet. It’s what a TV does. I was thinking of how TV gives a lot of information all at once. Whenever there’s a new technology artist are the first ones to try to exploit it. It happened with photography. It happened with film. Before TV western media relied heavily on literature. TV focuses on visual forms of communication. Take a look at a TV. It’s not just visual but also sound and texture. See TV as a medium. Really quick. He lived through the whole transition from film to video. Extensions of human senses by a new medium. WWW.MEDIA-ECOLOGY.ORG. You’ve never heard of media ecology? This is a little bit off the fine art frame. It’s not just saying, “This is a good program” for example how do we watch TV? It’s a little different than a cinematic experience. I think he was trying to talk about tactility it might be subconscious. It might be a cool light. HUMANS HAVE CHANGED. As humans, you can have a fake arm put on. We as viewers, our brains are sucked out. Preparations for science fiction. Literature in the last ten years is an extension of the body. We use machines. The ones that we live and breathe. These changes in our ability to perceive. I was interested when he said intelligence. He lost his credibility. There’s a lesson there. He takes leaps. But he’s not rigorous. He was an English scholar. He saw Joyce as a figure that anticipated TV. I don’t know if he was Scottish. He appeared in Woody Allen films. The books became a bourgeois thing. It might not even be his and it creates a problem and a reward. When that happened people came out from deep within the library. He was a very controversial figure. Ultimately most people came around. Almost like a kind of creative writing. A brain storming kind of idea. At the university it’s DJ Spooky and this whole kind of popular acclaim. He was a ranter. It was legendary. Now with cosmic media however. With neutrality were struggling so hard to get out of our sick little bodies. Maybe we work hard in terms of intelligent life on this planet. He had a radical outside way. He just described this stuff. He didn’t take a strong morel stance. Strongly critical global village. The planet’s wired, everybody’s tuned in but only a few people are talking. He missed on that pretty bad. We never play audiotapes and I’m going to try it. Our time is a time for crossing barriers. Startling transitions often result. Information enforced voice and habit. Instant communication. There isn’t any grammatical error in a non-literate society. The medium is the massage. Well there you go. It was produced in a New York studio. He was writing book. Heavy research about Guttenberg. His album was on the shelf right next to the Beatles white album. It certainly changed my life I must say. It’s sound collage. Modulations for this new form. Smoke some weed and then it’ll make more sense. You immerse yourself in the sonic space. It’s fun! Surround sound. At some point he was kicked out of the Toronto museum. The guy who inherited the baton. Media used his theory about Media to make better commercials. University of Toronto straight to Madison Ave. this is totally off the subject. WWW.UBU.COM It’s a lot of different stuff that is amazing. This isn’t just some kind of history. Alfred Jarry. He was such a misanthrope. A pre surrealist. Think UBU. UBU means the stupid one. A scathing parody/satire. You should know anything. All the surrealist were always talking about A.Jarry Guy Debord! There’s going to be a superstar film about him. He committed suicide. Society of the Spectacle. That whole thing was dubbed in PAL and then flew across the Atlantic. Who has control of Guy Debord’s property? He dug his own grave. He made a lot of enemies. His publisher was shot down in a garage. He just appropriated the whole movie. He sucks you in with natural progression. He actually talks about what’s going on in the movie. For what its worth in my mind it’s a little over the top. A music video in a very superficial way. Media ecology is not all that analytical. It probes. It advances. It’s a tetrad. He liked the ideas of the Bob Dobbs. Radio Evangelism. This Canadian guy wanted to get away from the idea of authorship. Coldcut not Coldplay in the music dub scene. Anyhow lets go on. Who’s Richard Serra? If there was anyone who was about huge slabs of metal, it was he. This is another tradition. Paper Tiger TV. Dee Dee Holleck. You could call it media activism. She was a filmmaker at one point. Cable television is what that was. What I’m trying to say is that it was an activity that moved beyond the newspaper and into magazines. So I’m on my way to school and I see a billboard that says “wasabi tuna” sushi or something like that. Why did this happen? Ultimately it’s a cultural studies program involved in new media formation. Extremely not top gun. Cutting clipping and sampling. These deconstruction kinds of things. You could put it in a window in a storefront in Times Square. It seems like a one shot thing. What are we talking about? Video art is another way for poets to project their ideas in other words, but certainly there’s a thriving art scene. They stepped up to it. That’s a whole other class. Between installation and video. So here we go. Speaking of big shows: Bill Viola. A lot of supporters and subtractors. It’s fully worked out. You must know Bill Viola. It’s VHS and all that. Lighted room with headphones on and all that. Tremendously influential despite the crudity. It’s really more about his stance. It runs counter to everything we’ve been talking about through simple attention and the duration of time. I wouldn’t be so cavalier. Some people might feel that it’s too precious. It’s about him or herself. In terms of a writer. Transcendental is the word. The theme or the strand of transcendental art in America. Certainly there’s deeper words. A lot of his titles were drawn from religious connotations. We can use the tools of enlightenment. Obviously. That’s in the top ten. Over hyped. He refuses to be entertaining. Watching video requires patience 99% of the time. Not for entertainment. His work is very beautiful. He works with water on this planet. He is a master of that part of the medium. OK let’s move on. The value of sensitivity of these new tools. I just got this from the library. They’re reproducing a historical moment. NO president can ever be more than an image. Is this a freedom of speech message? No it isn’t. Would you call this art? It’s not not art. King Henry the eighth. Jackie get back in the car. This is really bad taste. Are you getting serious about this? Pretty serious. I’ve been waking up every night. What it is is figuring out what it is. Did you see it on TV? What happened? Were going to see it today right here. That’s the way he did it. I saw all of it on TV. It’s just not the same it look different. There’s a lot of kooks here. I’ve got a gun. Man, this would have been a perfect spot for him. This place means a lot to the whole United States. I’ve looked at this nine to twelve hours a day for about the last four years. Try 3 no 4 OK bring that down. OK now move.
Hand to leg, hand to hand, hand to eyes, it’s too dirty. New as the day is young. As a babe. It’s not my job, tenderness. She’s tired. It’s good to begin early, just work it on out. Sometimes I just throw a few numbers out just to see what happens. Eventually if we keep making progress we’ll be about two or two and a half. Did she receive that? I can do a lot with these five knobs. If she knew about this she would probably be different. She’s receiving now. All I have to do is wait. And I’ve got time. I think you would feel like I would feel if you were so lucky. All I have to do is keep tabs, watch it, and repeat. And she does the rest. There’s a lot of things here in this space. It’s just a crazy fantastic space. It’s just a crazy fantastic world that she and I live in and I would go so far as to say we live in the same world. Any comment on this? It’s interesting to see how much is going on with all this. It’s like a reflecting pool. It’s less possible to pretend we know about ourselves. It’s a detour. Performances are singular and unique. Looking within the self is so important. The real is the sort of resentful reflecting pool. Working though the number thing. Retrospective relationship. Digitally you have to perform everyday of you life. An authentic construction of yourself. A sort of working through identity using the five knobs of the video to comment. It’s going to be Monday I can tell you from the beginning it was used as an instrument of resistance. This is a story about learning video art. I think its also slowing me down. I think that it make my thinking slower. Galleries tried to make it a unique object but it didn’t work. They thought video was too much like TV. Jessie Helms did not like what the N.E.A. was funding. All money comes with strings attached. It’s just videotape for god’s sake. BOOTLEG COPIES. SHAREWARE. Rich and famous art star.