Medieval Christian/ European representation of the non-Christian/ non-European typically included details such as the following:
-Monsters with malformed humanoid bodies
-Killing and raping
-Casting spells
-Dammed to hell
-Blood worship

This created a lot of behavioral problems for the Medieval Christian/ European, which typically included the following:
-Monsters with malformed humanoid bodies
-Killing and raping
-Casting spells
-Damming to hell
-Blood worship

These representations are based primarily in fear and ignorance. Fantasy projection and desire seem to play an important role in western European’s representation of the non-western other. Fabrication of the other is based on the imagination and displacement of European desire and fear of what was exotic and labeled non-normative.

The problem was that I love my country and I love my god. And why would these heathens and barbarians coming in on us like this? I believe so much. I want to believe. I love my country. My country and God together have made me powerful, and important. There should be no reason for anyone to want to take that away from me. I don’t want anything to change. I want to help people. I want people to love me and approve of me; approve my actions. Why are people coming into my land and taking away from me and my country. Why would there be anything else but this what we have built? Why should there be? I hate these barbarians. They’re filthy traitors. They are a threat to my family, to my country, to the church and to God. How could God let this happen to us? We need to do something!

This is a test of our faith. No one could do anything to compromise God’s will and therefore this must be a test of our faith. It’s our duty and it is our honor to fight the devil worshipers and rid them from this earth. We must fight them to win God’s favor. This is a crusade! We must prove our love. We have to prove our love if we should ever be deserving of gods love. The outsiders are fast approaching. Reports from the boarder tell us that it wont be more than two or three more years until they have us completely surrounded. They have the power to ransack all of our defenses unless we take a preemptive stance and extinguish this insurgency at its toots. These people that were dealing with are fanatical monsters! They have bodies like cavemen. They are more closely related to apes than they are men. They are incapable of thinking on a civilized morel level. Their thoughts are purely carnal. They think in terms of greed, they think in terms of lust, they think in terms of cold blood. And their primary goal is to wipe out our society.

Because they’re afraid. They are afraid of our advanced way of thinking. They are afraid of our morel stature. And in large part they are just out for blood. They thrive on pure carnal pleasure. They cannot comprehend the complex thinking that goes into our high morel standpoint. Therefore they are stupid. And stupid is dangerous and unreliable. You can’t trust stupid. It is unpredictable.

We must strike them down before they do us.

I have heard that these people are made in the image of monkeys. Their minds are un-evolved and they harbor an un-godly belief in paganism, magick spells and superstition. They rely on word of mouth, hand me down oral tradition, to perpetuate their superstitious pagan beliefs. They live in sin and lust and superstition. They think only of bloodlust and rape and screaming babies. They live on the flesh of rotting corpses that they have hung from the necks in trees near by the encampments that they live in. they are dirty nomadic vagabonds.

Untrustworthy vagabonds.

They torture their women. They make them to have babies only so that they may kill their own children and feed them to the rabid wolves that they keep. If only so that those wolves will maintain their taste for human blood. And the children that they don’t kill are made to have sex with their parents so that they in turn may have babies that will one day be raped or fed to the wolves in an endless cycle. We must stop this satanic madness!

They love to cut the heads off of their enemy so that they may bathe in the still warm blood that comes steaming out. They believe they may glean the magick powers of their enemies by doing so. This is just a few parts of their perverted superstitious pagan beliefs. There are many more gory details far too perverted for any good-natured catholic thinking man to even think let alone document in writing.

These devil worshipers, these baby rapists, these blood mongers must be stamped out of existence before they infect us with their perverted ways!

When the great Kahn learnt that Nayan was a prisoner, he commanded that he should be put to death. And this is how it was done. He was wrapped up tightly in a carpet and then dragged so violently, this way and that, that he died. Their object in choosing this mode of death was so that the blood of imperial lineage might not be spilt upon the earth, and that sun and air might not witness it.
After this victory, all Nayan’s men and barons did homage to the great Kahn and swore fealty to him. They were men of four different provinces named Chorcha, Kauli, Barskol, and Sikin-tinju.

After the great Kahn had won this victory, the various races of men who were there- Saracens, idolaters, and Jews, and many others who do not believe in God – made mock of the cross which Nayan had born on his banner. They jeered at the Christians who were there: ‘See how the cross of you god has helped Nayan, who was a Christian!’
-The Travels of Marco Polo p.88

Oliver now gallops through the fray- His lance has snapped, he only has a stump-
And he goes to strike a pagan, Malsaron. He breaks his gilt, fleuron-emblazoned shield, bursting both his eyeballs from his head- His brain comes tumbling downward to his feet-
Then piles the corps on seven hundred more. He later killed Turgis and Esturgoz. His lance is smashed and splintered to the grip, and Roland says: “Companion, what are you doing? I wouldn’t want a stick in such a battle; here iron and steel are worth a great deal more. Where is your sword, whose name is Halteclere? Its hilt is made of gold, its pommel crystal.” Oliver replies: “I couldn’t draw it; I’ve been so occupied today with fighting.”
Oliver now drew his well-made sword, as his companion Roland urged him to, saluting him in proper knightly fashion. He strikes Justin of Val-Feree, a pagan; he slashes through the center of his head and cleaves the trunk, the saffron yellow byrnie, the well made saddle made with gems and gold, and slices through the backbone of the horse; both fall down dead before him on the field. Then Roland tells him: now I know you, brother; for blows like these the emperor will love us.”
– The Song of Rolland 106 and 107

I did all this because I was scared. I didn’t want to be wrong. And I didn’t want to loose the love and attention of God and my country and my countrymen who I serve and who serve me. And if I were wrong I didn’t want to loose the powers that were vested in me by God to be a fair and just ruler over the people of my country. I didn’t want to loose. I didn’t want to be wrong. I want there to be a God. I depend on his existence. It’s too late to be wrong. I couldn’t stand it. My morel fiber could not stand it. I’ve hurt too many people thus far, I must have been in the right or god would have stopped me sooner.