I have developed a type of furniture that I call the We Desk that aims to facilitate the same level of abstraction as an anonymous bulletin board system by using the formal elements of the cubicle but reconfiguring it’s dimensions into a wedge instead of a square. The cubicle can now be arranged in a radial mass that forms the spacial requirements for social interactions that are stripped from the notion of individuality. In the front of each We Desk there is a covered mail slot and on each desk there is a typewriter. Through certain rules of interaction peers within this We Desk network pass messages through the mail slot to the other side where a messenger who also acts under certain rules of abstraction delivers the message along to another peer. In all this interaction each individual is under the charge to try to connect to the collective intellect of the group. In some way this could be thought of as a micro-socialist system that could be implemented within a larger metropolitan space. Where instead of money, the economy is based on informational exchange as a way of solidifying a community and creating political leverage.