I was asked to teach a workshop for the Mobile Media Symposium at UCLA DMA this year.
I will be teaching a workshop called Python + Arduino + Nokia N810
This workshop will introduce developing for the Nokia N810 with Python. Here are the things that will happen:
Go over the details of a game project under development that depends on the Nokia N810 as one of it’s central technologies.
Talk about some of the unique characteristics of the platform and our overall impressions after working with it.
Short introduction to connecting Arduino to the Nokia N810 via USB
Short introduction to Python and PyGame
Go through a short tutorial where we show some of the steps necessary to setting up a development tool chain and create a simple graphic application that will run on the N810
No prior knowledge of any of the technologies covered will be required. Participants will not be required to bring their own Arduinos or Nokia N810s.

These are some instructions for getting the Nokia N810 ready for building games with PyGame and Arduino.

upgrade to newest firmware:

– sudo ./flasher-2.0.macosx -F <FIASCO image> -f -R

connect to internet:

– choose “UCLA_WEB”

enable extras repository:

– open Settings > Application Manager

– from toolbar menu choose Tools > Application Catalog

– select maemo Extras and click edit

– uncheck disabled

install open SSH:

– this will give you both ssh and root privliges

– from Application Manager click Brows Installable Applications

– click All

– click on search

– type ssh

– double click openssh

– click ok

– click ok again

– enter a root password

this will be the password to do anything with root privileges

install Python and PyGame:

– open Settings > Connection Manager

– from toobar menu choose Internet Connection > IP address

– make a note of the IP address

– from your PC or mac open a ssh terminal and connect to the noted IP as root

you’ll need to use the password that you chose when installing open ssh to login as root

– once logged into the tablet from the ssh terminal enter the following commands

– apt-get update

– apt-get install python2.5-runtime

this will install Python 2.5 and PyGame 1.7.1

– now test to make sure python is working, from the command prompt type:

– python

– import pygame

install usb-otg-plugin:

– open a browser on the tablet

– google “usb-otg-plugin”

this will bring up a result for the usb-otg-plugin project page on maemo garage

– click on download

– click on “usb-otg-plugin_0.0_armel.deb” link

– this will open the application manager and ask if you want to install this software

– click yes to all

– after installation you may need to restart tablet

install FTDI kernel modules:

– follow the directions under “Flash new kernel image, Enable R&D Mode, Enable USB Host Mode”

– but use this command instead, since we already have root access and USB host enabled

– ./flasher-2.0.macosx –kernel zImageĀ  –flash –reboot

this will give you the FTDI kernal modules so the tablet can act as a host for Arduino