I had a dream about a game this week and it made me wake up excited. Earlier in the year I had a dream about another game, Corporate Ladder, and that turned out to be very successful. So now when I dream about games I think I have another one coming. The problem this time is when I woke up the game that I saw people playing in my dream suddenly seemed like a bunch of nonsense. I went back to sleep disapointed and sepent the rest of the night in a restless sleep trying to solve the problems of this game. The results of this restless sleep is another game called Give or Take which I think is a very good game. But then when I was play testing Give or Take I was telling someone about the way this game came about and I was remembering certain details about the original game, and suddenly it seemed to make more sense. So I have now designed this board, and I think I know how the game works but I still need to decide on a confrontation mechanic. This is a game about reincarnation. It’s a game for two or three players (I haven’t figured that out yet). Players move in a counter clockwise motion around the board trying to exit from one of the corners guarded by the other payer(s). Movement is either determined by dice or cellular automata logic, I don’t know yet.