I have invented a game. It’s called, What’s Your Pattern. This is a game to be played by four players and requires only a writing implement and a surface to draw on. Players take turns adding numbers to a grid, one of the players is writing numbers at random while the other three are following a secret arithmetic rule. The objective for these three players is to individually determine which one of the other players are not following any pattern. The objective for the player who is writing numbers at random is to deceive the others for as many rounds as possible.

This activity could be thought of as an attempt at applying the formal syntax of natural number sets and simple arithmetic to the rhetorical argumentation of post-modern critique and specifically Foucault’s theory of governmentality. The use of natural numbers and simple arithmetic acts as a layer of abstraction that would hopefully allow a group of individuals to experience some the basic principals of self governing normative behavior as demonstrated through this simplified model without having to process excessively complected language.

In order to better inform players, I have produced an instructional video that demonstrates the basic rules of this game. I see both the creation of the game and the production of an instructional video explaining the rules of the game as good representations of the logical process of my artistic production. All of the work that I make comes out of a similar motivation. I feel that my work is successful if it creates a change for the audience but I see my work as more successful if I can create change using materials that are already around us.

Whats Your Pattern from hadto on Vimeo.